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Van Nuys Shooter Video

gunnut505gunnut505 Member Posts: 10,290
edited November 2003 in General Discussion
Anybody see this bit of marksmanship?

Disaffected fat slob tries to shoot lawyer outside of courthouse with revolver (remember; Kalifornia), takes all 6 shots, hits lawyer twice in face. DFS then calmly tucks revolver into laptop carry case and attempts to blend in. Wounded lawyer arises from crouching behind 18" dia. tree, and walks into street, bleeding and trying to get someone's attention. Bystander (allegedly off-duty cop, who stood there, impotent, while fatso tries 6 times to snuff his lawyer)tackles the porpoise to the ground, as 3-4 other folk try to hold down the bad guy.

Anybody guess what would have stopped this piece of human debris from committing this heinous act?

My observation on the matter:

Outside the Courthouse where Robert Blake's trial is going on is a good place to get away with shooting your lawyer. Unless the Courthouse is anywhere but California.

If LEO's were allowed to carry off-duty even on vacation away from their jurisdiction, maybe a shot could be fired to stop the assault.

If a National Concealed Carry Rule (that didn't infringe on a person's right to privacy, to be free from unreasonable gun registration/confiscation, and didn't require ridiculous fees and jumping-hoops) were in place; more people would have been able to stop that guy.

The Anti-s always whine about their most recent assault on your rights being for the children, and that if it saves just one life, and all that blather about Safety; which life does it take those clowns to realize that when a right is subjugated to the political whims of career Politicians, it becomes just another commodity to be brokered in their Political Correctness, touchy-feely daydream of how reality works[:(!][:(!][:(!][V]


If you know it all; you must have been listening.WEAR EAR PROTECTION!


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    gunnut505gunnut505 Member Posts: 10,290
    edited November -1
    Turns out the fat slob shot his lawyer because he got less than his sister in some case the attorney WON for them!

    If you know it all; you must have been listening.WEAR EAR PROTECTION!
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    cheezecheeze Member Posts: 815 ✭✭✭✭
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    Maybe more gun control or a smaller round capacity could have stopped the attack. NOT!

    You can run, but you'll just die tired.
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    interstatepawnllcinterstatepawnllc Member Posts: 9,390
    edited November -1
    Yeah, that video was FREAKY, almost surreal.


    Ted Kennedy's breath has killed more people than my car.
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    wizard78wizard78 Member Posts: 3,144
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    OK, I admit that I "feel" bad about the people that are having problems in the Cali fires. But, you're telling me I should feel bad about a Cali "lawyer" getting shot? Sorry, No sympathy here! Call me cruel but it is just not in me.[}:)] [8D]

    Fight Crime, Shoot First
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    sheepdipsheepdip Member Posts: 3,124
    edited November -1
    Ban small trees !

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    TxsTxs Member Posts: 18,801
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    This is what the LA Times had to say about why the guy was twisted at the lawyer:

    "It appears that there was some sort of a dispute over a probate case that the attorney was handling - as to how he was handling the case - and that appears to be what upset the suspect," LAPD Capt. Jim Miller said. "We don't know what the relationship was on the probate."

    According to court documents, Curry represented the trustee for the William Strier Special Needs Trust.

    It is unclear why Strier required such a trust, but the trustee, Evelyn Murphy, alleged in court papers that Strier was making repeated threats toward her, claiming that she was withholding money that belonged to him.

    In Los Angeles County Superior Court documents, Murphy wrote that Strier had allegedly made several "threatening and disturbing telephone calls" recently and "appeared to be out of control and was shrieking obscenities and threatening * harm."

    Among other threats, Strier allegedly told Murphy, "I am going kill you.. I am going to strap you down and hurt you."

    As a result, Murphy sought to substitute Strier's sister, Ethel Celnik, as the trustee.

    The money in the trust apparently came from a legal settlement Strier received after suffering injuries in an accident, sources said.

    In court documents, Strier claimed that Murphy was denying him money he needed for unspecified surgeries."

    I also read where the guy who subdued him is a 40 year old attorney who works as a traffic court judge. He's also a reserve LASO deputy. I don't know if they are allowed or required to carry a firearm when they're not carrying out official duties.

    The article I saw didn't state if he actually witnessed the shooting or if someone just pointed out the shooter to him afterwards. You've got to give him credit for going after the guy while unarmed. Lawyer or not, I'd buy him a beer.
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    matwormatwor Member Posts: 20,594
    edited November -1
    Where do you go to see the video?

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

    Edmund Burke
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