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GSG 5 3rd review. Pics and 2k update.

NwcidNwcid Member Posts: 10,674
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Well I am over 2k of ammo though this thing now and time for the latest review. I hope I am not boring you guys with this.

Here is the first review from when I got the gun and up to 1k.

Here is the second review at 1.5k mostly dealing with Pro Mags.

I am going to call this the 2k review but I am guessing I am over that but not close enough to call it 2.5k. As with all the other testing it has been done with Federal 550 packs. Gun has still not been cleaned.

Lets start with the fun stuff.

Here is the latest pic of the action. Pretty dirty but still no problems with it:


I finally got a chance to shoot it at a little further distances. Most of my shooting so far has been within 50 yards but today I got to stretch it out to 250 yards today. While the gun was very capable of it the sights are very lacking for smaller targets even out at 100 yards. The front sight post is very wide but this is based on a CQB gun so is not out of line. I had some trouble seeing the front post well in some lighting conditions so I painted part of the front post.

I just taped it off and sprayed it with some paint I had laying around:


One of my 100 yard targets is a 6" square and the sight covers it completely. Based on that I am guessing that at 100 yard the front post covers 8-10". The width of the site is 0.082" and I am sure that someone super smart can tell exactly what it covers at what distance.

At 100 yards I was able to make about 60% hit rate on the 6" target. I also have a 4" target that I was able to hit but at maybe at 20-25%. I was not able to hit the 2" square but it looks like I hit the rebar that it hangs from a time or two (the one on the left).


All shooting for the distance was from the one knee down position:


Here is the range:


Here is where the 250 yards come in. It is hard to see in the pic but up against the hill side is a bunch of rocks and they sure make good targets. Well since I had this gun in my hand I thought I would try it out. I do shoot that range with my suppressed and scoped 77/22 often. Of course the front sight covers the rock completely but whats the worst that could happen. After a couple test shots I found out that the lower side of my painted front sight was just right for that range as a hold over. I never did hit the rock with any round but if I had an IDPA target I am pretty sure I would have made many hits on it.

Here is the roughly 6"x4" rock I was shooting at. It has a hit in the middle that was done with my target AR:


Now for the function testing. I was using 4 stock Pro Mags, 1 Pro Mag with factory spring, and 1 factory mag with Pro Mag spring in it. Each stock Pro Mag got shot 3 times with so many failures. The most common failure is for a round to not fully eject and * caught in the bolt so it wont close. I has some fail as little as one time and as many as 4 times. My initial thought was that the gun was getting dirty and it was causing the failure. Of course they never did lock the bolt open either.

The factory mag that had run 99% now runs as poorly as the Pro Mag. So much to the point that after a few mags I gave up testing it. The Pro Mag with the factory spring in it ran at least 99%, I dont think it had a failure today but I cant recall for sure so I am going 99%. Since I was really testing to see if it was the mag or the spring I put about 200 rounds though just that mag today.

I will be emailing the tech guy at Pro Mag tonight or tomorrow and sending him my review of the mags and see what his take is on the whole thing.

Just for fun a semi close up with the bolt locked on the last round:



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    i love my gsg 5 i plan on buying a ak type in 22lr from american tactical if they ever get the things ,in they have been delayed twice ,last time i called they hoped they were on the contanier coming from germany
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