Inventions by blondes

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The water-proof towel
Glow in the dark sunglasses
Solar powered flashlights
Submarine screen doors
A book on how to read
Inflatable dart boards
A dictionary index
Powdered water
Pedal powered wheel chairs
Water proof tea bags
Watermelon seed sorter
Zero proof alchohol
Reusable ice cubes
See through toilet tissue
Skinless bananas
Do it yourself roadmap
Helicopter ejector seat




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    On the topic of helicopter ejector seats, didn't some crazy Russian try inventing side-ejecting seats for helicopters?

    I seem to remember reading something about those...
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    actually there are reusable ice cubes.

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    Actually, I think I remember from the old days that the Russian helicopter called "the shark" did have pilot ejectors. They had an explosive device that blew the rotor blades off just an instant before the pilot was ejected.
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    [:D]Thanks,sent it to my Daughter.,Hi Dawn.

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    What about solar powered windshield wipers? [8D]
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    solar powered flashlights? most wally worlds have them, as well as army navy stores.

    helo ejector seats? yuppers, the ruskies did it in their hind choppers. ther were some attmepts, by them and us, to make the ejection go to the side, but the lateral whiplash was killing people. (over there, just killing dummies here)
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    Powdered water occurs in nature. Think about it.

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