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RosieRosie Member Posts: 14,525 ✭✭✭
edited November 2002 in General Discussion
I can't believe this! How can the unluckiest person on earth win something like this? I never win anything! I am so flustered I can't figure out how to send my scanned drivers license to e-mail for Wipala! This will be the best birthday and Christmas I ever had!! Give me time to collect myself Wipala and I will remember how to send the info even if I have to have my daughter do it. I hape this is not a joke and most of all I hape I'm not sleeping! How can I ever thank all of you. I can't. Never will be able to.
Rosie the verry, verry grateful
PS. I am a man. At least the last time I could see over my tummy I was! Name is Roosevelt


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    papaw alpapaw al Member Posts: 300 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Your not dreaming Rosie.Congradulations,your one lucky man.
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    Shootist3006Shootist3006 Member Posts: 4,171
    edited November -1
    Yes, you are sleeping! What ever arrives, forward it to me immediately!!!

    Congrats and all, you sly old dog.

    Quod principi placuit legis habet vigorem.Semper Fidelis

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    dads-freeholddads-freehold Member Posts: 1,361 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    greetings, wakey wakey, congrats on the win. respt submitted dads-freehold

    if your going to be a savage, be a headhunter
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    muleymuley Member Posts: 1,583 ✭✭
    edited November -1


    ************NRA Life Member************
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    shooter4shooter4 Member Posts: 4,457
    edited November -1
    Happy Holidays Rosie, and a big Congrats to you!!!!!

    This gun? Nah Hon, I've had it for years.
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    wipalawipala Member Posts: 11,068
    edited November -1
    Congratulations Rosie what are you going to do with your bonanza? Besides give your mailman a hernia. Post a picture with the pile of goodies when you get it all in.

    Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: And he that hath no sword,let him sell his garment, and buy one
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    paboogerpabooger Member Posts: 13,953
    edited November -1
    Yep your dreamin!!! It's all a dream!!! Pabooger is the winner, send everything to me!!!!
    Congrats Rosie!!!

    "Can any body point me in the direction of the bathroom, I really gotta go "
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    Harleeman1030Harleeman1030 Member Posts: 1,505 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Mr. Roosevelt

    Your not lucky, Don't spend a lot of money buying LOTTO tickets lol

    Congrats man I will mail your hats friday 12-06-02
    Sorry for the delay but being on disabilty my money is less then normal...And I said it first I am glad an older member won (not age older).....

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    outdoortexasoutdoortexas Member Posts: 4,780
    edited November -1
    Lucky, lucky.
    Once you've settled down, and dug down to the 41 pick out the holster of your choice and I'll get you a check to pay for it. That's the deal since my lady sold the one I had offered at her yard sale.
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    n/an/a Member Posts: 168,427
    edited November -1
    Rosie... Classic and I offer our congratulatons... couldnt happen to a nicer guy....We are very happy for you....

    Lil' Stinker's Opinion
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    whiteclouderwhiteclouder Member Posts: 10,574 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Rosie? Not Rosie. Is there no justice in this world? Mean, spiteful and ugly on top of it. I hope the postman steals those two PPK clips I am honor bound to send. It if weren't for a little Stormy fella you'd not get a thing.

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    JDFRICKJDFRICK Member Posts: 104 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    It's folk's like you that folk's like me love to see win.CONGRAULATION'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    snarlgardsnarlgard Member Posts: 1,310 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    rosie email me the size of belt slot you want in the 1911a1 holster
    so I can finish it and send it to you

    Lt. snarlgard RRG
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    armed_ femalearmed_ female Member Posts: 1,222 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Congrats Rosie!! Holsters in mail soon...Have a Wonderful Holiday!!!


    Abilene Regional Director
    Armed Females of America

    Gun Control is Hitting Your Target!
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    concealedG36concealedG36 Member Posts: 3,566 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    Good show!

    Congrats Rosie, enjoy all the STUFF!!


    Gun Control Disarms Victims, NOT Criminals
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    spinyspiny Member Posts: 3,117
    edited November -1
    Winner take all!! Congratulations Rosie. Tell me where to mail my donation to and I will send right away. My email address is in my profile.
    'not all who wander are lost'
    Just checked my profile - email address has been removed. contact at
    Wonder how it got removed?

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