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bow hunter killed while videotaping

TxsTxs Member Posts: 18,801
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Teen Caught Own Killing on Tape

LaCrosse, WI 9/30/2005
Seth Hammes was filming in the woods when his camcorder recorded the crack of gunshots, the 17-year-old's screams and the voice of the alleged shooter, promising help that never came.

Authorities say they might never have learned what happened to Hammes, who later died in the woods.

"But right next to him was the videotape," Monroe County Sheriff Pete Quirin said Thursday. "That's when we knew we had a homicide on our hands."

After viewing and listening to the tape, police tracked down 24-year-old Russell Schroeder, who now faces charges of reckless homicide and reckless injury. Schroeder was being held on $250,000 bond. If convicted, he faces up to 85 years in prison.

Family members said Hammes and two of his friends had gone bow-hunting Saturday morning in the woods near Little Falls, about 35 miles northeast of La Crosse.

Hammes put down his bow and picked up his camcorder that afternoon.

According to the criminal complaint, he was shot in the pelvis and then the heart. His camcorder fell to the ground but caught the sound of the shots and his own screams.

The tape shows a person Quirin identified as Schroeder in a nearby field, telling Hammes he would call for help on his cell phone. He then said he couldn't find a signal but promised to go get help.

Instead, authorities say, Schroeder went to a birthday party, home to play video games and then to his job as a custodian at the Army's Fort McCoy near Sparta.

Schroeder didn't call anyone because he was scared he would get in trouble, the complaint said. He told police he thought he was shooting at a squirrel until he heard Hammes scream.

After family and friends reported Hammes missing, police used bloodhounds to find his body in the woods that night.

Investigators initially believed he had just died in the woods _ there was no blood to indicate foul play, and he had been shot with a .22-caliber rifle, which left only small wounds, Quirin said. Then authorities saw the camcorder tape.

Hammes' family gathered at his grandparents' home in La Crosse after Hammes' funeral on Thursday.

Ed Hammes said his nephew loved to tinker with the family's lawn mowers and research pyrotechnics. He hung out with the La Crosse Skyrockers fireworks club, which produces the city's New Year's Eve fireworks.

"He was shy for the most part, but he'd go out of his way to help you," Ed Hammes said.


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    zipperzapzipperzap Member Posts: 25,057
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    We all think it can't happen to us.
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    shoff14shoff14 Member Posts: 11,994 ✭✭✭
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    Don't know a squirel that takes more then one shot.
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    tacking1tacking1 Member Posts: 3,844
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    Lord Jesus bless his soul.

    I hope they don't publish the video

    ***Father, Husband, and all around Nice Guy***
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    gagirlgagirl Member Posts: 5,408
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    Scarey crap! There were two kids shooting where I was hunting on Tuesday night. There are no guns allowed on WMAS during archery season.

    its all about pucks and bucks
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    gap1916gap1916 Member Posts: 4,977
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    Birth is as safe as life gets. God Bless

    Former Marine
    2nd A N G L I C O
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    7.62x397.62x39 Member Posts: 1,994 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    God bless his family
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    zipperzapzipperzap Member Posts: 25,057
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    hdwrenchhdwrench Member Posts: 954 ✭✭
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    it's not hard to get a feeling of -there's more to this one !!

    damn senseless killing , like ya said how many shoots does it take to kill a squirrel !!

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    remington nutremington nut Member Posts: 961 ✭✭✭✭
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    not how many shots does it take but when was the last time you saw a squirrel that was over 100 lbs? that's a shame that it happened and the shooter showed no remorce by his actions or lack thereof by not calling for help.... he should be hung
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    phideaux4886phideaux4886 Member Posts: 1,470 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    buschmasterbuschmaster Member Posts: 14,229 ✭✭✭
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    quote:Originally posted by bone-headed media
    Investigators initially believed he had just died in the woods _ there was no blood to indicate foul play, and he had been shot with a .22-caliber rifle, which left only small wounds, Quirin said. Then authorities saw the camcorder tape.yup! no foul play, because no blood, only small wounds from a .22. must have been one of those evil .22's roaming the woods that got him. er, wait... he just "died", that's all. just fell over dead. it happens. bullet holes have nothing to do with it. maybe he already had them.

    if he had a cell phone, he could have called The Police and they would have beamed right down to save him! oh wait, the other guy did have a cell phone [sarcasm] but it didn't work [/sarcasm].

    oh well, at least there weren't any of those evil handguns around, only single shot, registered, licensed, gps-tracked thumbprint-activated safety-orange low-power short-range hunting rifles.

    must be that he simply fell over dead.
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    greeker375greeker375 Member Posts: 3,644
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    Over 40 yrs ago I was shot in the thigh by another hunter who took a "sound" shot. When asked if it was taken after sighting the game and aiming carefully, the guy said, "No, I heard a sound, so I shot."

    Be careful out there!
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