IKE's on A&E, now

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The movie about Ike is on A&E not. Tom Selleck as Ike.

Gerald McRainey as Patton? George C. Scott he ain't!


"The Greatest Battle Implement Ever Devised!"
-- Gen. George S. Patton
referring to the M1 Garand


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    And there is no Alan Brooke, the ture master mind of british militery sucess. He picked Monty, looked after him and kicked his butt on occasion. He also kept Churchill on the right path.
    It is amazing that he is still ignored by the historians.

    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
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    o crap I wanted to watch that but i dont get AE at school

    And on the 3rd day god created the Remington bolt action rifle to protect the god fearing men from the evil muslims
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