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Bubba at Nebraska U.

shooter4shooter4 Member Posts: 4,457
edited July 2004 in General Discussion
Bubba, a Nebraska football player, was the only member of the senior squad whose grades were so bad that he couldn't graduate. However at the commencement ceremonies Bubba sat with his fellow football players.

During the ceremonies, the other football players started chanting "graduate Bubba, graduate Bubba, graduate Bubba", the chant growing louder and louder.

Soon the University of Nebraska President, giving the commencement address, stopped and said "if Bubba can answer this question, I'll allow Bubba to graduate.

Bubba, how much is 9 times 9 ?"
After considerable time passed, Bubba responded, "I think it's 81".

To which the entire Nebraska football team started chanting "give him another chance, give him another chance, give him another chance..."


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    Bubba JoelBubba Joel Member Posts: 5,161
    edited November -1
    Ya darn tootin.. [:D]

    Why is it that our children can't read a Bible in school, but they
    can in prison? (This should raise some real questions
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    IAMAHUSKERIAMAHUSKER Member Posts: 2,479 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Very funny. Oh look, a comedian.[:(!]

    "I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." --Thomas Jefferson to Archibald Stuart, 1791. ME 8:276
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    kingjoeykingjoey Member Posts: 8,636
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    quote:Originally posted by IAMAHUSKER
    Very funny. Oh look, a comedian.[:(!]

    Uh oh, someone got hit below the belt (or at least in the southern half of the overalls)[;)]

    Love them Beavers
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