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Back to Basics...

thesupermonkeythesupermonkey Member Posts: 3,905 ✭✭
edited January 2003 in General Discussion
I'm leaving for 'lost in the woods' on Friday...
After I finish these last couple of weeks it will be on to Kalifornia [:(]
I posted my address(FtLwood) on my website so if any of ya'll have hate mail you'll know where to send it.

For old time sake.

...he swung wide the creaky, tattered saloon doors and cast a final glance at the room. He ambled slowly towards his horse. The dusty road was painted in shades of amber and gold from the setting sun. He slung his trusty Jennings 22 with attached mini-bayonet, mounted his horse, and headed west. The horse's soft footsteps faded into the distance.
Somewhere in the vast open plains of cyberspace sits a small town and a not-so quiet lil' saloon. Smoking jackets and thick skin is the only required attire. It's a lively place where the house drink is Bob's best, garnished with olives and pimentos. People are quick to pick a fight and even quicker to make friends again. It's the kind of place where anyone can be anything they want to be. In the end, that's where you'll find me.

The itsy, bitsy spider crawled up the water...

Come visit my web site!


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