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A Three-Piece Gun Show

NickCWinterNickCWinter Member Posts: 2,927
edited June 2003 in General Discussion
The gun show came to town along the Wabash this past weekend, and i ended up with three new investments I hadn't known I needed. Got a CZ 52 with holster and extra mag, a Firestorm mini-40, and a Taurus Titanium .44 Spl. Question: Anyone had some experience with the Taurus Ti. .44?


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    bigal125bigal125 Member Posts: 1,136 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Sorry, Nick, no experience with the titaniums to help you out.

    Just had to ask after seeing your heading ....I first thought you were talking about a gun show with only 3 guns!? Then I thought, "Why are you wearing a 3-piece suit to a gunshow?".....

    Naw, I guess this Arizona heat isn't affecting my thinking at all, is it? [:D][:D][:D]

    Congrats and enjoy the new additions...let us know how the Taurus .44 Special works out!

    Big Al
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    NickCWinterNickCWinter Member Posts: 2,927
    edited November -1
    Bigal - I understand your questions about the heading. I was thinking of a variant on "Three-Dog Night." I got the Taurus .44 Spl., despite a buddy's warnings about cylinder problems with one or two he'd seen. But another guy pointed out the "big, slow" round's virtue for self-defense, and I envisioned myself carrying the one Taurus on an occasion when dress did not permit carrying my two Smiths. (What-all goes through our heads as we close in on the decision to buy?) The Cz 52/Tokarev I got, after a dealer raved about his own, then left his table to show me where one was available, from a dealer he did not know (honest!). And the Firestorm always has good reports; this one is small but not too small for the .40. I awakened that day, unaware I needed them all.
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