The dog made me laugh this morning

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Well, all the beds at the parents' house were full this weekend. Mom, Dad, Grandma, brother and I all got together in Minneapolis for some good old-fashioned Thanksgiving family time.

The little dog (Buddy) is a dachshundt. I guess dachshundts tend to get spinal or back problems from too much excitement and leaping when they are young. Well, Buddy is 5 years old and just suffered a pretty serious back injury a few weeks ago. He's been on pain meds and muscle relaxers. Mom and dad have no idea how he was injured though. They just found him shaking like a leaf in his kennel and refusing to come out even for a doggie treat one day. The vet says that Buddy injured his lower back somehow. He probably did it when he got caught sitting on the back of the couch in the sunshine. He usually attempts one flying leap or another when he gets caught where he isn't supposed to be and then flees under another piece of furniture. He just wasn't his usual self this weekend. He moped around the house with a pathetic look on his face for the last three days.

Sorry. Getting long-winded. My brother headed to the airport at 5am and I went back to the couch where I was trying to sleep and get over a nasty cold when Buddy decided to pay me a visit. At 5:30 this morning I felt a warm set of four paws crawling over my back. He actually jumped up on the couch where I was sleeping and crawled between me and the back of the couch and laid his head on the pillow next to me. I wish someone had a camera at 5:30 this morning because it was priceless. My brother left and he probably figured that I'd be leaving and taking grandma with me quite soon as well.

It's good to be off the road and visiting GB again. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.


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    Lol. My grandparents have a dachsound also. Loves to jump up on the furniture and sun. Mean little thing too!


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    Those damn wiener dogs! That is the only dog thats ever bit me.
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    Buddy is about as good-natured as a little dog gets. He'd never bite a soul. He sleeps upstairs when dad travels for work. He actually gets up in the middle of the night and checks all the rooms and doors in the house periodically before returning to his fluffy pillow where he sleeps. He wouldn't bit a soul but he'd definitely lick you to death.
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    Mrs Rembrandt's Schnauzers love to cuddle up in our bed, they'll let you know when you've overslept. The bumper sticker on her car reads..."dogs are just kids with fur".
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    Good-natured schnauzers make wonderful pets. Our neighbors had them for years when I was growing up. One of them had a minor indiscretion with a neighborhood poodle and we managed to get an inexpensive good-natured pup for grandma many years ago.
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    I have a Daschund named Buddy as well, and he is a great dog. He's about 9 now, and he is still really active, he catches rabbits and squirrels from time to time. Anyways, he will do the same thing. If you are laying down somewhere, he'll come up and lay down next to you, or on you. The only time that's a problem is in the winter when he comes back in with a REALLY cold nose and paws!!!!

    He's a great dog to the family, but he is really protective. He hasn't bitten anyone who didn't deserve it, yet... He's been a really good dog, and we've had him since he was a few months old.

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