State of the Union - Predictions

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President Bush will enter the room in Rocky fashion, music blaring and shaking hands.

He'll make at least 25 promises that won't be remembered the next day.

He'll be interupted by 'spontaneous' applause 60 times, including 9 standing ovations (only 1 of which will involve democrats)

He'll point out carefully positioned celebrities in the room 5 times.

He'll point to the success of the new senior prescrption plan that no one understands.

His approval rating will go up Wed. by 6 points.

These annual State of the Union addresses have become so predictable they should be done away with. They're nothing more than free campaigning displays -whether the President is Republican or Democrat.

To add insult to injury, they trot out the dems afterward to rebut the President's remarks.


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