NRA museum today.

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My wife and I have been traveling the last week. We found time today to spend a few hours at the NRA museum in Fairfax Va. We had a great relaxing time.Tomorrow we catch an early flight back to the Midwest.


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    The NRA Museum is awesome! I walk in and the drooling starts! The last time I was there, they had a special "old west" section with guns that were on loan from some very lucky owners. There were guns from real cowboys and desperados to our old west TV heros! What an incredible display of firearms. A fellow who works in the gift shop told me that there are just as many firearms in the basement of the place as on display and they rotate them on occasion. I only live about 40 miles from the place and now that you mention it, it's time for another visit!
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    I'm on my way home from a weeklong business trip in Fairfax. I didn't have time for the museum this time, but I went a couple months ago and it was amazing. We also spent an hour shooting at the range down in the basement.
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