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RUGERGUNZRUGERGUNZ Member Posts: 5,638 ✭✭
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This is an organization to help children in abusive situations.

Up in maine, this group has a radio commercial on about every hour. The commercial says "If you even suspect abuse call..." and then goes on to say "all calls are anonymous...".

In Maine as well as most other places out there, people can be vindictive and just all over ornery.

If, for example I didnt like my neighbor and wanted to cause him pain, I could call anonymously and report him as a child abuser. This does not necessarily mean his children will be removed but it is a good possibility he will be harrassed about the issue.

Or another example is if you believe in spanking (I was spanked growing up and it didnt kill me nor was I abused.) and someone reports you when they find out you spank your kid when they need it.

And you will fear no reprocussions for your actions because the calls are "anonymous".

Sorry for all the ranting just think that this radio commercial is wrong. I think that there is a place for this group and they need to publicize just need to do a better job.

What do you think, am I being over-analytical.

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  • RosieRosie Member Posts: 14,525 ✭✭✭
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    You will get no sympathy from me. When it comes to children I would report you or anyone else in a heart beat. They can't report it. Post their address and I will send them a donation.

  • RUGERGUNZRUGERGUNZ Member Posts: 5,638 ✭✭
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    Rosie, I think you may have misunderstood my post. I am not denouncing this organization, but think that by having all calls be anonymous it may be misused by some people just wanting to hurt other peoples families. I could not cause more pain to a parent than by having their children taken away by an anonymous phone call.

    I would call if I knew that there was abuse and would not want to be anonymous.

    The website is

    "Life is like standing beneath an incontinent camel, you never know when the snot is going to rain down!"
  • idsman75idsman75 Member Posts: 14,524
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    I'd have no problem giving my personal information. I saw a guy smacking the snot out of his wife in their mini-van and then he took off when he saw that there was a witness. He was apprehended within a couple of minutes. My neighbor decided to wake me up by beating the tar out of his fiance in the middle of the night. I had no problem reporting him. She was gone in a heartbeat. He still won't look me in the eye when he has to come to my building to perform fire inspections for the fire department. Screw him.
  • pickenuppickenup Member Posts: 22,846 ✭✭✭✭
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    I understand where you are coming from.

    Around here (true or not? I do not know for a fact, but I think so) if a teacher suspects any kind of abuse they are "required" to report it. I received a call from a social worker once. She said that my sons teacher had reported something. I told the social worker that I had another VERY handicapped son, and I had been working with social workers, counselors, therapists, doctors, etc. for years. Some of whom, have had "in home" visits, who knew, and had talked to (worked with) both of my sons. I told her that if there was any abuse in my household, I think it would have been found out long ago.

    I asked her what prompted her call, and she said that the teacher had overheard one of the students say that I spanked my kid. (A short time later I confronted the teacher, she said her back was to the student and she did not know which one it was, and could no longer remember exactly what was said) Anyway, I told the social worker to come and take my son, if that is what she thinks needs to be done. I also informed her that if she did not have any evidence of abuse, that I had been working within the "system" long enough, that I could, and would, cause her a world of grief. I gave her names of social workers that I had (and was still) dealing with. She apologized, and said she would get back to me if necessary, she never did.

    (Yes I know they do not have to have "proof" to remove a child)

    I related this story to show that misinformation CAN happen. Don't get me wrong, I was PI$$ED at the time. BUT with so much child abuse going on, I would rather someone was wrongfully reported, than let a child be truly abused, with the perp never being caught, punished, or stopped. Yes there is an opportunity to "abuse" the system. (as you mentioned)

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  • ruger270manruger270man Member Posts: 9,361 ✭✭
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    quote:Originally posted by pickenup
    I asked her what prompted her call, and she said that the teacher had overheard one of the students say that I spanked my kid.

    Even if you did, whats wrong with that?

  • longhunterlonghunter Member Posts: 3,242
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    hmmmmmmmm,There COULD be a problem anyhow.Maine,last I knew had a right to know law.Also isn't there that nagging little line about,"Facing your acuuser"in a court of your peers...I agree we need to be aggressive in the child abuse arena,however naot at the expense of our rights etc.Children are made aware that abuse is out there,and how to report it,that is good.That said ,get a grip,they are still children and as such will push and use those things to get what they want.There has been MANY lives ruined over unfounded allegations by kids that just wanted to hurt someone etc.I am not sure what the answer is but throwin the baby out with the bath water ain't it.Before any of you all wannna start,I have 4 kids,my wife has 3 ,and we got 6 grandkids and another on the way.Some of them were abused, I think I understand what I am talking about.....
  • nunnnunn Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 35,712 ******
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    I have been the victim of such an anonymous caller. TWICE. It is NOT FUN.

    You basically have to defend yourself against a nameless, faceless accuser.

    If I want to report a case of abuse, I will give my full name, address, phone number, etc. The other guy should do the same.

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  • longhunterlonghunter Member Posts: 3,242
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