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1999 British Royal Enfield Motorcycle

jjmitchell60jjmitchell60 Member Posts: 3,887
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Has any one on here had any good/bad experiences with the newer British Royal Enfield motorcycles? A close friend of mine died last year late and I have the chance to buy one of his motorcycles. He had a Indian Dream that his wife is putting up for his young daughter but he had a 1999 British Royal Enfield 350cc in olive drab green. I have been offered it for $2000 and was wondering what they are like as to reliability. The bike is in excellent condition with maybe 1500 miles on it. I want it for my two 16 year olds, son & daughter, to learn on as well as because it was my friends. Is that price right because I don't want his wife to be cheated and can I get parts easily if needed. How do they handle? All I have ever owned is a couple of Hondas as a kid and several Harleys ever since. thanks for any info.


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    He DogHe Dog Member Posts: 50,977 ✭✭✭✭
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    Actually, they are made in India.

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    LowriderLowrider Member Posts: 6,587
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    I'd stay away from it.

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    woodsrunnerwoodsrunner Member Posts: 5,378 ✭✭
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    I have a friend that is a mechanic for a small old fashioned dealership. They sell Royal Enfields and Urals. In his opinion the Urals are real junk. The Royal Enfields are still very old fashioned, but decent bikes for what they are. Keep in mind for the most part they are 1960's technology, with all the 1960's idiosyncracies. I looked at the Royal Enfield before I bought my sportster a few years ago. Being 500cc singles they aren't the most powerful things. It kind of reminded me of the BSA Victor I owned as a kid, with lower compression. I looked at the site Classic posted the link too. I can't imagine the bike I test rode hauling around a sidecar and riders. A woman or young skinny guy maybe, A 250lb 40yr old no way. Now if they built a 650cc or 750cc twin, I'd be at the head of the line.


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    easyrider1903easyrider1903 Member Posts: 16 ✭✭
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    Don't waste you time, money & fame on something that's gonna leave you down & out with a few more greys.

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