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Selling Price?

ranmccranmcc Member Posts: 7 ✭✭
edited January 2005 in General Discussion
Is there a way to find out what specific type guns are actually selling for on Gunbroker?


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    ZERODINZERODIN Member Posts: 6,338
    edited November -1
    The only way I know is to search for 'em and check the auctions that have ended.
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    jsergovicjsergovic Member Posts: 5,526
    edited November -1
    Go here, and keep trying combinations of words until you hit on the correct search description. Then you can "save" the links to your "watch" list, and follow them. Lots of guns just get relisted endlessly until the right buyer is ready to buy.

    If yer selling, set it at the absolute minimum you will take to part with it.
    Or trust it to the wind, and start it at a buck.
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