Havarti, (God is Good)

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Any of you cheeseheads consume this stuff? It's about as good as, well you know!

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    Good stuff plain or with dill. Also try Jarlsberg.
    Until we moved last September, we could buy either for $4.00/pound. Here it's about $7.00/.
    It doesn't justify at that price.
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    Excellent cheese with many tastey uses. I purchase mine from Trader Joes @ $4.69 per pound and its produced by a dairy in Norton Shores, MI.

    Mark T. Christian
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    Another good tasty cheese is blue cheese on a slice of apple. [:D]

    Limburger with onions on rye is excellent too.

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    Trader's "Pot-stickers" - dumplings! great stuff.
    And the Thai sauce. $2.69 a jar, tastes pretty real to me.
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