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MAC 10 .45 Carbine Project

p3skykingp3skyking Member Posts: 25,750
edited February 2005 in General Discussion
I've had a MAC 10 Open bolt gun for a number of years. It's always been a fun little toy and actually pulled night duty sometimes. Accuracy and target aquisition has always been a problem though.

Lasers don't work much in the day, and are somewhat fragile. I had been wanting to aquire a 16 inch barrel for awhile and finally one appeared here on GB. I bid and won for $20. and $10 shipping. When the barrel arrived, I was surprised and happy to find it was brand new, never installed on any weapon.

After installing the barrel in my receiver, tightening the locknut, and installing the wire stock, I took it outside for testing.

The first impression was the balance. Much better than I thought, fits right in your hands. No felt recoil when held to the shoulder. Pointability pegged out. Accuracy was fantastic. a one pound coffee can at about 50 feet didn't stand a chance (this using the factory sight).

This little experiment turned out good and if you have a MAC and want to do something a little different, this is one gadget that works just fine.

Stolen from, and with thanks, to Kiwibird


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