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Atlantic City - I need information

greeker375greeker375 Member Posts: 3,644
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Does anybody know anything about Atlantic City, or been there, know which hotel is best vs worst?

Here's my problem. My wife is thinking that since I am going hunting in Kansas this Dec, then she should have her favorite chauffer (me) take her to A/C for a couple of days to see a show and spin a few slots. Never having been there I don't know which hotel to go to, where to find out about shows, etc. She wants to stay at Trumps Taj Mahal....


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    salzosalzo Member Posts: 6,396 ✭✭
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    quote:Originally posted by greeker375
    She wants to stay at Trumps Taj Mahal....

    Of course she does-I believe that is the most expensive hotel. Check out the Claridge casino- their slogan is "the smaller friendlier casino". I hear their rooms are the cheapest, and people who play there have the highest winning percentage of all the casinos. When we go, we get a comp room, my father in law being a high roller. The casinos are all close to ne another, so you can float around, see the Taj, etc.

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    punchiepunchie Member Posts: 2,792
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    Swwbo and I have stayed at Resorts, Caesars, Ballys Park Place and the Hilton. Toss-up between Bally's (tower rooms) and Hilton for best rooms. Hilton most quiet, Bally's best room service and we are always able to lose equally among any of the casinos. We look at it as entertainment not a way to make money so it works out just fine.

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    bigdaddyjuniorbigdaddyjunior Member Posts: 11,233
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    Set up a credit for ten grand with the house, doesn't matter which one. Ask then if they'll comp you a suite and all the trimmings. They will.When you are ready to leave cancel your line of credit and go. Won't cost a penny cept what she looses in the slots.

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    Frank HodgesFrank Hodges Member Posts: 175 ✭✭✭
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    Stayed at trumps marina a couple of year ago it was great[:D][:D]
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