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I am wanting to trade my Glock 19C for something different, not to found of the 19C. I am interested in 1911's, Revolvers(Modern style, 4" or bigger,357 or 44), and ??? I just wanted to ask what you think I could/should get as an even swap or a new gun and some cash in my pocket(have no cash to spend). thanks.

Glock 19C
Henry Lever Action 22Mag
Marlin/Glenfield Mod 60


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    You'd be much better off advertising NOW in your local classifieds paper and selling the guns you don't want ahead of time, if you can. Glocks always seems to sell well in the classifieds, around $400+. Dealers will give you crap on trade-in value -- they are there to bring in "liquid" cash, or guns easily turned over for more money. The Marlin/Glenfield is only worth $60-100 and there are a lot of those so the dealer's need for it is low. You might be able to get $400-440 in the classifieds for your 19C, but plan on $275-300 in trade-in value at the show if you're lucky. I don't know about the Henry.

    There is no way you will trade "even" at the show for anything near what your guns are worth. You might carry the Marlin in a sling over your shoulder and sell to another buyer on the floor to get some cash to spend. Same is true of the Glock as a last resort. You are more likely to get some other customer on the floor offering you what you need for your Glock than you are to get a decent value from someone at the tables. Guaranteed.

    The key here is that most dealers prefer all cash, so they want to make 2 profits on the man with the trade-in.

    Say they order a new gun for $399 and sell it to you for $479; they make $80 profit right now.

    But if they take your trade-in at blue book wholesale, they will make an additional profit on your trade when they resell your trade at a higher retail price unknown to you, over and above the $80 you paid out for the initial transaction.

    Few dealers think that way ("well, I may have to hold onto it and it may sit there and not sell"), and none will buy this logic from you at the moment of trade, I'll betcha. [8D] But the fact is, no knowledgeable dealer is going to TAKE a trade-in these days that he knows he won't easily sell, or already has too much of. The fact is, if he can take your trade at wholesale, some of his regular new stock will "sit there on the shelf" longer than your trade-in will, in many cases. So he WILL make 2 profits with a trade-in if he is only willing to offer you blue book wholesale for your trade. Sell 'em yourself, beforehand, even if it means waiting 'til the next show, or buying from a local shop when you're ready, instead. You'll save money in the long run.

    You may be in a hurry, and this advice may not seem good to you. If not, I urge you to take your G-19C to the show and TRY to trade it in on something you find more desirable, at even or close to even money. The offers you get may cause you to bring it home in disgust. Or, you might come home with a nice Kel-Tec .32 for your Glock 19C. [:D]

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