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Any MENSA members here?



  • mateomasfeomateomasfeo Member Posts: 27,143
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    quote:Originally posted by JamesRK
    I don't recall ever taking an IQ test, but if I did, nobody ever told me what the score was. I do remember when I was in school we were all above average intelligence but none of us performed to our potential. There's an awful lot of stuff in my permanent record.

    I'm with you James!
  • whiteclouderwhiteclouder Member Posts: 10,797
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    Can you say, "Holiday Inn Express?"

  • tacking1tacking1 Member Posts: 3,844
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    I once knew a guy who wanted to start a group called MenSA.

    Men's Shooters Assoc.

    It never got too far as the instigator got arrested for indecent exposure for flashing. He was opening his coat to show his weapon to some people at a party only to find that his dingus was "out the barn door". The police were called and he was removed after a struggle. He was charged with a felony of some sort and lost his CCW. I think this cat now works the sporting goods counter at a walmart and drives a '87 couger.
  • WarbirdsWarbirds Member Posts: 16,582 ✭✭✭✭
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    It is an interesting group. I personally know one member, and he is equally ignorant as he is intelligent. And in general, he is just a rude person.

    I also am not totally convinced that a serious intellectual (formal studies, math, science, literature, etc.) is more intelligent than a totally uneducated artist.

    Of course that is an entirely different discussion.
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