Don't stop moving!!!!!!

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Took this picture tonight. They were circling the field back of the house. I couldn't get a great picture, but at one point I counted 36 buzzards. I never saw that many together before. Let me tell you. I kept moving!!!!!![:D]



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    i watched a show on tv some time ago about them critters. it explained how they all migrated to and from,but i can't remember where to where[8D]
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    They have a spring rookery in Jupiter Fl. Or HAD, I should say...Palm Bch. Co. decided, about 10 years ago,that ALL the Australian Pines had to be gone,by 2012.
    Their were,at times, over 100,000 of them("Turkey Vultures") along the ICW,between "Cato's" bridge and the USCG station..
    They were found to mostly have migrated from the upper midwest and North East part of the Country.
    I watched a crew of guys climb up and do the banding,they said they would prob. all be found dead,eventually,up North...I guess once they get old,they die up there.
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    We call em Turkey Vultures around here.

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