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Trendy, Hip Canadian Pipeline Activists

River RatRiver Rat Member Posts: 9,022
edited August 2011 in General Discussion
So far, the Hollywoodenheads that have flittered to D.C. to protest the Canadian pipeline proposal include Daryl Hannah, who was arrested. She's a classic eco-nazi, and comes as no surprise. Then a "noted" scientist and global warming activist was also arrested. Lawdy, I'm beside myself with happiness -- if those who are agin' it, then I'm all for it!

What next? If Jane Fonda shows up and gets arrested, I'll donate money to the Canadian firm.

I guess they have their shorts in a bunch over the fact that the oil would come from the oil sands. I really don't care to know why. I'm certain they fueled up their Hummers with Arab oil on their way to protest before the cameras.


  • NOSLEEPNOSLEEP Member Posts: 4,526
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    Daryl Hannah is looking for attention and being an Eco-Nazi is right up her ally. The truth is the oil sands area is being remediated. For hundreds of thousands of years the oil Sands that are just below the surface under the top soil have been leaching oil into the underground water supply and the Athabasca River. Today as we speak huge numbers of gainfully employed workers are working feverishly to remove this heavy oil contaminated sand and earth.
    It is estimated it could take over 300 years to clean up and remediate this contaminated area of soil and sand and return it to a safe environment and stop the leaching of this oil contaminant into the ground and surface water. For more information on this effort please contact the poster... [^]
  • firstharmonicfirstharmonic Member Posts: 1,020 ✭✭✭
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    Here is Jeff Dunham's friend Walter's take on this:

    "WALTER: Darryl Hannah was arrested outside the White House, protesting an oil pipeline. I'm guessing she got to D. C. on an electric plane?"
  • NOSLEEPNOSLEEP Member Posts: 4,526
    edited November -1
    Here are a few pictures of some home grown eco-terrorists at a oil field in Northern Alberta.






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