Matt wanna bet on the game?

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got a franklin says Seattle beats Dallas....


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    as a Dallas fan I can tell you they are snakebit, Seattle blows but Dallas is useless.
  • scottm21166scottm21166 Member Posts: 20,723
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    should be a good match neither team can win against the bigest losers in their division

    seattles line is 30-1 on winning the superbowl... I woudn't even bet a buck
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    Dallas & Seattle deserve each other. I sat in the cold today and watched my boys get WHACKED for the third straight home game. The Cowboys don't look playoff quality to me...

    Having said that, in the NFL today a team can peel off five-six straight wins, out of the blue, then slump for four or five, then win streak again. Sorta like the Eagles and Giants.

    I hope our bad slide is ending just in time for the playoffs. My [8] sez no.

    The NFC is weak. AFC has the bowl, probably San Diego. Shot and San Diego deserve one.

    No, I don't bet. The reason I don't is because I usually lose. My Cowboys have it tough enough without me betting on them.


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