Law's post(s) remind me of something....IRONY!!!

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I'm really not here, but I need to share something y'all may have heard.

(I'll explain later...in the post)

Recently, y'all may have heard about a popular sculptor being killed after the sculpture he was working on...fell on him.

There is a tremendous story behind this sculpture. Back in 1993 a certain hispanic sculpture was commissioned to do a sculpture for Denver International Airport. You can find his story on the Internet.

The evolution of this particular work was filled with lawsuits, delays, more lawsuits and ultimately his unfortunate (or whatever) demise by the very sculpture he intended for DIA (which is a long, long, VERY LONG, story).

The embattled sculpture was a 35+ foot tall blue horse (vivid blue bronco actually) with lighted eyes and a very aggressive rearing pose. Quite impressive really, but IMHO the vivid blue was a bit much. It was supposed to be inside, then outside, then inside...no one could agree. Ten years passed and the artist never finished the piece. More legal action.

Recently, a press release indicated the artist had been killed when a portion of the sculpture fell on top of him as they were lifting it.

Tragic, but strangely ironic.
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