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well it did not go so good this past sat. morning for my little girl
it started out at 7:15 when the feeder went off the cows came running dam thing had tore the fence down and fig. out how to use their toung to get the corn out [:(!]
well we got down and went to another field that we had not got to cut yet and sit for about 1hr and saw nothing.I had out a game camera out a few days before and I checked it before we left and ill be damed if we did not have 3 does eating the corn I had put about the whole time we were in the stand but we could not see them due to the tall grass and grown up trees [:(!][:(!][V][V] oh well were going this weekend and I did get over there and bushhog [:D][:D][:D]


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    my hunt ended today no luck theres always next year
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    I went for the first time this season on last thursady and saw nothing. I went saturday morning with a friend and had a spike walk under me, but i let him go. My buddy shot at what he says was a 4 point and missed. I went again saturday night and nothing. At this point I was getting kinda aggrivated. I toughed it out and went on monday evening and it paid off. I bagged a nice 8 point. I think the best part might have been my friends responses. LOL!
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    Oldest son killed a nice 9 point on opening morning of muzzle loading (10/13). Field dressed probably 160-170. Seen lots of spikes and four pointers (not legal to kill in Arkansas) but nothing I was willing to take. Youth hunt is this weekend, so am taking youngest son. Heading out tomorrow around 11, set up the trailer, go hang a strap on stand on east end of property and then go bow hunt on west end tomorrow afternoon. On that east end, I found a great looking spot about 45 yards from a small pond with two very significant trails coming together. Lots of large tracks and a couple of scrapes already. I may move one of the game cams to that area to check it out for the next week. It will be settled back down by next weekend (oh heck, I may even sit on it Saturday afternoon). My son will come up tomorrow night with nephew and his daughter and then the fun begins. Nothing beats sharing moments like this with the boys.
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