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Bodreaux joins the Army! (good joke)

TPSmith-LyonTPSmith-Lyon Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
edited July 2005 in General Discussion
Bodreaux, from deep cajun land joins the Army. After basic training he is assigned to "selling" life insurance to the new recruits. After a couple of months, it comes to the attention of the base commander that Bodreaux is selling almost 99% to the new inductees! That is amazing since it cost the new inductee an extra $30 a month.
Instead of confronting Bodreaux in person, he decides to sit in on the next class. Bodreaux starts out by saying: If de army sends you to Iraq, and U get kilt, de army gonna pay U family $6,000. If U buy this extra insurance, and U go to Iraq and get U-self kilt, dey gonna
pay U family $200,000. Now U jus' tink. Who U tink the army gonna send to Iraq?

Thanks for the advice. Got my website converted to:

Tim Smith-Lyon


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