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Not Touting, Just Informing. Lone Wolf Dist

vafrankovafranko Member Posts: 593 ✭✭✭✭
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Glock Non LE Stamped Hi-Capacity Magazines - Start Shipping This Week!

Glock High Capacity Magazine
Non stamped standard capacity (hi-cap) magazines are shipping this week! Orders placed prior to (10/1/04) have a high possibility of receiving a mix of stamped and non-stamped magazines.

All used magazines are back ordered. We have no idea when they will be available again. We recommend you upgrade your used magazine order to new magazines! Call or email your Lone Wolf rep today!

We anticipate filling all back orders in the next 10 days to 2 weeks. All UPS orders will be notified via email when the order actually ships, the tracking number will be included. We are shipping 2,000 to 5,000 magazines per week to our loyal customers. We appreciate your business and are doing the best we can under the present circumstances. Thank you for being patient.

All New Magazines - $19.95 - except G/18 $29.95

Part Numbers:
GLO-MF17031 (G/18 31 round 9mm) $29.95
GLO-MF91317 (G/17,17L,34)
GLO-MF91319 (G/19)
GLO-MF91320 (G/20)
GLO-MF91321 (G/21)
GLO-MF91322 (G/22,24,35)
GLO-MF91323 (G/23)
GLO-MF91331 (G/31)
GLO-MF91322 (G/32)


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    pipskickspipskicks Member Posts: 3,049
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    What is the website?

    Are they all 30 rounders, and are any of them not stamped LE only?

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