Asinine California Law

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OK, so Glock copied springfield and they have an olive drab green model. I saw it here on gunbroker and thought it would be cool to get that one-but no, since they changed their model, it has to be approved for California. When will it be approved? I dunno, but this just makes me angry.


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    I think the state of california legilature should have a hand put up their collective butt, and turned inside out.. Cant the people out there do something, or is the BERKELY crowd too powerful????

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    There are currently 928 models in the database, certified for sale in California.
    When I started paying attention, there were about 830 or so.

    It costs a manufacturer about $4000 to have a gun tested. I don't think build-in trigger locks are part of it, but are in other states.

    There are many Colts on GB, which I daily and weekly drool over, which cannot be "imported" into the state. You might have bought the model you wanted before getting a drivers license (establishing residency).

    There is a California site for CA buyers, with a tiny free buy, sell, trade section. The web site is a one-man-show, but it is good for getting ahead on what laws are around the corner. http://calguns.net
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    Exempt from the testing and roster listing requirements are:... processed through a sheriff`s department in a county of less than 200,000 persons...[/red]

    Humm! Wonder if the Sheriff can process that Colt I want from up in New England?
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    Wow!! I never seen that list before. I just found out that all my handguns are illegal in the communist state of Kalifornia.


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    quote:or is the BERKELY crowd too powerful????

    Most of the university kids here are liberal from other states. All it takes is a mailing address, and whaaaaammow Instant voter for a state they do not reside in.

    We have local issues with UCSC of 6000+ students that can vote here in our county, legal to vote because they have a p.o. box . Even thow they don't live here, they choose my fate with there influence of voting power.

    In other words, I come to your town, I am a full time student, I get a mailing address for a few months. That makes me a resident of your state. I can vote on your local issues if I live there or not.

    Thats nice to know how some of our gun laws can get passed[:D]


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    quote:Originally posted by redrebel
    Wow!! I never seen that list before. I just found out that all my handguns are illegal in the communist state of Kalifornia.

    Not true. Most handguns not on the list are legal if you owned them before the law went into effect. You can also sell them to another private party but a dealer cannot. (They can handle consignments.)
    There are also provisions for out of state people to bring guns in when they move here.
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    California wants U.S. military members to register all handguns they bring into the State with the Cali DOJ.

    We don't[:D].

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    Why does anyone who likes guns live in California? There are jobs elsewhere. We left communist Illinois in large part due to their draconian gun laws. I really think gunowners should just bail out of California, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts and a few other facist states.

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    No offence FrancF but.....
    As far as I am concerned,they can carve California off the US and let it float out to sea....along with NYC...maybe they'll bump into each other on the other side of the globe.

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    I have family and friends here that are worth the hassle over a gun.
    It is possible to get, just has ridiculous hoops for us to jump through.
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