An almost "I told ya so!"

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My sister-in-law and her husband live in the country on a fair piece of land and have been complacent about security. Can't see a neighbor's home any direction. He was at work and she was at my home for Thanksgiving day.

Some scumbag drove his truck and trailer through the unlocked gate and loaded up a brand new John Deere Zero-radius lawn mover from the tractor shed. I think they run about $5000 or so.

The had looked inside (from open side gate and footprints by the window)and somehow decided no to break in.
Thankfully, they didn't because there is some VERY nice guns all over, most in a glass case cabinet, and some leaning in a corner. The front door is very flimsy too.

Well, Black Friday they both went and bought a new 24 gun safe.

I've been telling them for years and I think they finally learned the lesson.
That was a close one and especially this time of year, when crimes such as theft seem to rise exponentially.

I HATE theives, as much as most of us Gunbroker members.

I didn't say "I told ya so!"
Didn't have the heart.


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