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Medical tests mixed...

Ray BRay B Member Posts: 11,822
edited April 2005 in General Discussion
A fellow & his wife went to the hospital for some tests to be run on the husband. The husband went to the various rooms, while the wife waited in the waiting room. after a considerable amount of time the doctor came to the wife and said that there was a problem- by coincidence there had be two men with the exact same names having tests done and that it would be until the next day before they would know exactly which results were for which guy. the wife said that shouldn't be much of a problem, since any treatment wouldn't start before tomorrow anyway. The doctor agreed, but said there was a complication- one fellows results showed positive for advanced Alzheimers, while the others showed positive for AIDS. The doctor advised the wife, after the husband returned from getting dressed in a few minutes, drive him to the shopping center and drop him off. If he shows up at home within a reasonable time- for heaven's sake, don't have sex with him![:D]
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