GAG NASTY...... Ugly Contest.... For Fun

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Had one of my DD's at the gun shop with me today to get her a new .243. Now keep in mind that she is only 12.
It went something like this..

"Dad this place has the ugliest guns that I have EVER saw."

May I help you. Salesman walks up..

"Do you have any guns that look good."


"Well everything in here looks like it was made by blind people."


"Dad lets go home... I will look on GUN BROKER for a Winchester Featherweight."

[:0] Mam.. Would you like to look at this Remington 710?

"GAG!!!! That thing is uglier than a DOGS BUTT.."

Out the door she went.....


I thought that it would be fun to have a Gag Nasty Ugly contest..

If these are a sample of things to come. It may be time to start a new hobby of collecting old shoes or something..

Mossberg 4x4

Benelli R1

Knight Extreme

Remington Model 710

What do you guys and gals think is the ugliest rifles or gun in general that the manufacturers are trying to shove down our throat..


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