I Lost 450 Dollars

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I was saving the money for a gun and put the money up for safe keeping and i can not remember where i put it.

Most of the time i put it in 1 of the safes but i looked in them and its not there.

I will be happy when i find it though.


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    Of all the things I've ever lost, I miss my mind the most.
  • spasmcreekspasmcreek Member Posts: 38,925
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    older ya gets the worse that gets....it's still there, ya just got it in safekeeping
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    I am going to play my wife here.

    Can you remember the last place you had it? #129300;#65533;#65533;#129296;#129296;#129296;
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    like Easter egg hunting some times you find something that was "lost " while looking for something else so you make a mental note of where it is but sadly that memory goes right into the shredder [V]
    but were still on the green side of the grass [^][^]

    quote:Originally posted by spasmcreek
    older ya gets the worse that gets....it's still there, ya just got it in safekeeping
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    It will turn up. I do that all the time. Past few days I have turned my closet upside down, rummaged thru my gun cabinet, looked in every drawer and box in my shop for a picatinny riser I just knew I got for my flat top AR several years ago. Finally gave up, opened a cabinet I had looked in several times, picked up a box of .30 carbine, and found the riser. It was in a box the same size stacked with the .30 ammo.
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    You hid it good[:D]
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    Mine was in the odd colored ammo box under the workbench in the shop.
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    hope you find it,soon.
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    I have STP, and I am seeing a cabinet with stoneware ,,,top shelf..Better look there.[:I][:o)]
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    While looking for something "misplaced" I Found a small box of thumb drives I'd been looking for off and on for the last month. Had quit looking because I'd supposed they were still in the states.

    Can't remember what had been misplace in the first place but it probably wasn't important.[:D]
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    Met my mother's paternal grandparents along about 1948, at their highway country store near Alto, Texas. Great grandpa was sitting in a chair out front having fun with some of his ggrandkids when grandma came out wearing an apron and said something like "get him to tell you what he did with our money!" She had a good time of telling us that he had buried in a can or fruit jar, and forgot where it was! (I think he was in his 90's then.) They both got a big kick out of it! After they had passed away, people dug all over the place looking for it. [:D]. Memories! [:)]
    What's next?
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    My worst case(s) of memory lapses were the result of moving from a home I lived in most of my life into a new place!

    Always took pride in knowing where things were.

    Now, I need a GPS to find the bathroom in the dark!![:(][:I]
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    If your like me - in a year you'll find it
    AND not even remember this post[:D]
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    I usually find things halfway to where I meant to put them. In a jacket pocket, laying in a book on a shelf, etc. I mean to put it away in the safe, but until I get there, I'll put it somewhere out of sight.

    I've been looking for a particular pair of binoculars for a couple of weeks. I knew where they should go and I know I put them but they weren't there. Found them yesterday with my electrical testing equipment with their similarly colored and sized black pouches.
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    Well Dave , did you find it?
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    at least you aren't loosing much interest on it..............hope you find it before the dogs do
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    don't feel bad. I lost 40 grand.
    I loaned my contracting business to a friend out of state and the contract witness divorced.
    woman died and I lost contact with her. gone, without a trace.
    her executer didn't find my lease papers until after they sold off my equipment. I wasnt notified of the death until 7 years later. imagine that. 7 years....statue of limitations.
    oh hum.
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    I was out in the barn last week working on my tractor. I needed a metric wrench, got out from under the tractor, walked 6' to my toolbox, opened up a drawer, and forgot what I was after. I had to crawl back under the tractor and start over again. [:0]

    It's like that every time I go to the barn. I think there are cosmic forces out there that are sucking my memory out through my ears. [:D]
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    Reminds me of my young son once saying,
    "It was in the first place I looked.
    I just didn't see it until the last time I looked there."
    Good luck.
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