Will this work?

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Does anyone know if the MG42 belt loaders like http://www.sportsmansguide.com/cb/cb.asp?a=70866 will work for linking .308 for the M60? Is there a way to adapt them to work?



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    This is a removable muzzle break resembling the browning boss system. I am thinking about adding one of these to my Mini-14, have heard that a muzzle break greatly increases the accuracy of these guns and want something different than everyone else.


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    I have a 1911 in 22 Long Rifle I built from a Daly 1911 lower and a Colt 22 Conversion Unit upper. Works well but it came with the extended tang and Commander style hammer. I prefer the Gov't Model spur hammer and original tang. Found these parts on the auction side and bought them but now I wonder if the Series '70 parts will work on the Daly lower. Seems to me the hammer and tang should be fairly generic 1911 but does anyone know for sure?

    Here's the gun...

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