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Would you buy a gun that you could not practice with on a regular basis? Do you buy guns more as a collector or do you buy each firearm with more emphasis placed upon its utility or possible utility to you?


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    I am starting to buy guns just so i have a collection of some in different caliber, since joining the message side i will soon have 3 to go into my safe.
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    I was buying guns just to buy them because I had a such passion for them and wanted them all.[:p]...then I started keeping just my shooters. So in other words I don't collect. I only buy firearms that I will practice with and use. Not that there is anything wrong with collecting guns. I just keep what I shoot.
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    I love to shoot, but not being able to
    get out and shoot like I want.
    I have a few, that have not been shot.
    but I really buy them to shoot.
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    I do both. I have some guns that I have not shot in years but would never think of selling either. I have other guns that I shoot lots.

    One of my recent buys was a gun so pretty I could not pass it up. I doubt I will ever shoot is as I have 6 other 10/22's that I do shot. I am building a .300 Whisper AR that I do plan on shooting a lot as well. I just picked up a nice 1903 that I have and will shoot but do not plan on blasting thousands of rounds through it either. The suppressed 9mm AR that I just got in July probably has over 750 rounds thought it now and since we are shooting on Tuesday will get about another 400.

    I have several AR's as well. I shoot my Varminiter all the time but I have an SP1 that probably wont get shot much but it goes with my AR collection (AR, A1, A2, M4, ect). Same for WW2 stuff I have a M1 Carbine, M1 Garand, Thompson, now a 1903 (I know it is not an 06 but close enough for me).

    I do not have any plans on buying really expensive guns just to collect. I buy guns because they are ones I want to shoot. I am doing really good though. I keep looking at the stainless PT1911's as I really want one. I keep talking myself out of it as I know I will not shoot it much so I should not buy it.
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    I want a gun for every occasion from squirrels to bears, to zombies, to thiefs etc. Once I am covered I may collect some nice ones.
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    Aren't Zombies and thiefs the same thing.[:D] You just saved yourself some money.
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    True but if you take into account subtle differences, and then it is possible to justify these expenditures to the wife.... My shopping list still includes

    Beretta Storm
    .38 revolver for the Mrs. (havent settled on which one)
    Bushmaster ACR (even though they arent out yet)
    Socom of some configuration (M1,M14, just want one really really bad)
    Something for some long range stuff
    1911 of course
    oh and I don't currently own any shotguns, need a few of those...
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    Utility. Selling all of unnecessary stuff.
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    mostly utility- which includes the purpose of having fun.

    I don't have the time, $$ or any good reason to collect guns. I can't afford it in any sense. the ones I have bought were for defense of the house or hunting once in a while.

    although I have gone through several different popular models of mil-type long guns trying to figure out which one I wanted to settle on.

    one thing I noticed was the $$ I spent buying/trying/selling, by the time I settled on a low grade AR15, I could have bought a hell of a nice AR15 if I would have just done that in the first dang place. I wasted maybe 1000$.

    would I buy a gun that I could not practice with on a regular basis? sure would (and did), because my neccesity of having it there ready is more important than anything else. practice is secondary. of course I would practice if I could. if you give me the $$ to buy ammo, cleaning supplies, range time and time off from work.

    keep in mind that legitimate "practice" can include everything from target shooting to something like Thunder Ranch to joining some kind of practical/tactical shooting club with ongoing training- going through lots and lots of ammo. that can get very expensive.
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    Each has a specific purpose in mind.
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    Both, but to shot mostly.
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    Mostly to collect, but every one MUST be shootable.
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    All mine are shooters, the question is really how much can I afford to shoot them?
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    guns are like shoes.
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    Mostly for collecting, a few for home defense, a few for sport shooting, but most just sit in their cases. Sigh...
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    I have those that I use and keep handy(five or six) and then I have a whole bunch(30-40)that were "test fired" when I got'em home and then stashed away,along with ammo for each one.

    They all shoot though,if the need arises.[;)]

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    Few of my guns would interest serious collectors. I buy working guns and I shoot all of them. No safe queens for me. Even the couple of guns I own that are somewhat rare or desirable are not in good enough condition to be collectible.
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    Both. But I would not hesitate to shoot any of them.
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    I have fired <10% of the guns I own. I enjoy attaining, collecting and appreciating them more then shooting them.
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    I buy much more than I shoot, and what I buy is not really collectable--I own may pistols that you could see a cop carrying. My big plan is that at some point in my life I'll have enough dough that I can buy a place out in the country, a nice hunk of land, not more than 2 1/2 hours from the house, and build a 300 yard shooting range on it.

    I'll only need to live for another 360 years for that happen, if my calculations are correct.
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    Both! Essentially all I own is Collector type guns, some of which I shoot for pleasure and others I hunt with; I don't own any guns that are simply what I would call utility type guns.

    For example I hunt with a 1956 vintage Winchester Model 70, two 1940's vintage Winchester Model 12's, and a 1950's vintage Winchester Model 75. The down side is they are pretty much fair weather guns, so hunting on a rainy day is pretty much not going to happen. I have other Winchesters and Colts that because of their value and age I no longer shoot.

    So, I only own guns that I really appreciate and have a strong affinity towards. If I can't shoot it, but I can drool over it; then I consider it a keeper. Heck, I've even shot unfired collector grade guns, it wasn't smart, but oh well, I was much younger then, I'm older than that now!

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    I like collecting lots of guns so I can shoot them[:D]
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    I guess you could say guns fall into to classes, Work guns, and Play/Sport guns.
    I have and use both.
    But one of the things I enjoy is the techinical side of 'guns' and reloading. Working up accurate loads. Taking a 'problem' gun and working out the problems.
    What I enjoy most is hunting with guns. But this only happens a few times a year, if I am lucky.[8D]
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    I got a few safe queens like my Seattle, WA marked (not to be confused with Bellevue, WA) Detonics Scoremaster in box hardly shot with three 8 round Detonics magazines. Most of them are shooters.

    Right now I'm looking for California transferable S&W 49/649 (not the 649 with that ugly built in lock.
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