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Lost and found

dheffleydheffley Member Posts: 25,000
edited January 2008 in General Discussion
About a year and a half ago I lost a Buck pocket knife. I had no clue when or where. I looked for a while, then decided just to keep my eyes opened for it and hope it would show up.

Tonight, I was moving the dryer so I could replace the vent tube, and there it was. I have no idea how it got under the dryer, but it's back where it belongs, in my pocket![:D]


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    bull300wsmbull300wsm Member Posts: 3,289
    edited November -1
    You lucky dog , mine never show up[V]
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    dan kellydan kelly Member Posts: 9,799
    edited November -1
    i love those buck folders...i got one thats been converted to auto open sent to me from florida...customs here tried to take it[:(!] the end they regretted taking me on, i carry it all the time now[}:)][}:)][}:)][:D][:D][:D]...very good steel in the blade, and holds a nice edge , i can skin 20 wallaby with it without having to sharpen it once!
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    JamesRKJamesRK Member Posts: 25,670 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Nobody knows how dryers do what they do. I haven't had an even number of socks sine we bought our first dryer. Like Lake Superior never gives up her dead, dryers never give up your socks. Where do they go? Nobody knows. I'm surprised it gave you back your knife. Congratulations. [:)]
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