Deer hamburger meat recipe

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DON"T WON"T HAMBURGER RECIPES but what other kind of recipes that deal with ground up deer meat is there? need some suggestions


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    Spaghetti sauce, meat balls, chili, meat loaf, sausage, anyplace you use ground beef or pork. Just sub the deer meat for whatever recipe you're doing. Might want to add a touch of fat for taste, but you don't have to.
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    75% Venison 25% Lean Pork...You can do the Conversion to Weight yourself...This recipe is what I do to My Venison and Elk...Burgers are still Lean but have just enough Fat to Keep them Tender....Add some Seasoning and You can have Sausage....Taste is Great outta the Smoker............
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    I have one of those jerky shooters that works great with venison. I use different spices and it is great since the meat is so lean[:D]
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    WIfe makes the world's best venison meatloaf. You can use deer burger for any thing you would use beef burger for. I like it anyway you want to cook it. We use smoked bacon for the fat. Talk about a great flavor!
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    Interesting Pizza topping, different taste in Tacos...and there is the old standby...Hamberger Helper....
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    Everything !
    I add 1lb of ground deer to Rice-a-roni or those noodle packs or cheesy potato pack,,, you know the whatever if can go into stuff.
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    I usually grind in (or just mix it by hand) some pork fat to my ground venison ... just makes it a tad less lean and more tasty. Plus it stretches the venison! Man, I'm getting huntry and deer season is still a long ways off![:)][:)][:)][:(][:(][:D][:D]
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    We used to double grind some pork and course grind the venison ( 1/4 pork to 3/4 venison ) and then use it as you would any ground beef. Really good,especially a meatloaf using oatmeal instead of cracker or bread crumbs.Once the meatloaf is done then slice it thick and lay the slices back and pour a small can of tomato sauce over them and put it under the broiler until the sauce starts to bubble. People who usually won't touch meatloaf will eat this.
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    i mix it half and half with beef to make jerky out of. that is for the wife she doesnt like realy dry jerky. i use strait deer hamburger for my jerky,
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    make 2 thin patties. make a thin pattie of cream cheese and jalapeno's and place between the two meat patties. put cheese on top and feast! makes a great burger, your neighbor will drool!
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    Venison is 98% of the meat we eat. We put 7 deer in the freezer last deer season.[:p][:p] Use it in any recipe where it calls for beef. And you don't have to put anything in it either, no pork fat/beef fat nothing. Besides who wants to drain it out of the pan when your done cooking?[xx(][xx(]

    We use it for hamburgers, tacos, spaghetti, sloppy joes, burritos, meatloaf, hamburger helper, ANYTHING.[:p][:D][:p]

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    Well i had to make an enchilada casserole man was it good. got it out of one of my venison books i been looking forever. think i eat some of the left overs for lunch then dinner. its good. think the next time i'll add some more spice to it. but overall it was good. if anyone wants it just pm me and i'll e-mail it to you.
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    If you use venison for chili or spaghetti sauce, just add a little vegetable oil instead of fat or pork.
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    use your game for every thing,burgers,curries,pasta, you name it!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm finger likin'gooooood![:)][:p]
    for best flavour & health ,only use corn,sunflower, or olive oil..yum yum..[:p]
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    We use it just like you would beef in any recipe. Mashed potatoes with venison burger/gravy is especially good.
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