real funny huh!

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now watch the not"censored" version {the ending is special}


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    Hell, she can walk down stairs better that I can. 10 to 1 she is receiving disability.
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    Didn't look so funny to me. Poor decision, on her part. Impossible to tell the level of her handicap from that small video. Lot of folks can stand, or walk for a bit, but not for long.

    There are a lot of abuses. Lord knows, I can record better than that from the front door of my liquor store.

    Just saying, that from what was shown, I could make no judgement, other than saying she made a stupid decision to ride the escalator in a power chair.
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    Wow! Its a miracle! The ability to walk has been bestowed back upon her! Maybe more fat, lazy, and stupid people should get whacked in the head by some stairs. Imagine how much better the world would be... and all of the money the government could stop taking from our taxes for disability to people who shouldnt have it. Next stop: welfare lane
  • SpartacusSpartacus Member Posts: 14,415
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    yep, she's collecting dissabilty, for sure.
    maybe someone that knows her will show this video to her case worker.
    we can only hope....

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    Would hate to think that woman is like my wife with CHF and can just walk very short distances.

    I have a wheelchair, I dont use it all the time so does that make me a disability fake? Or a person with a medical condtion that varies day to day.
    Just smile and say nothing, let them guess how much you know.
  • MMOMEQ-55MMOMEQ-55 Member Posts: 13,134
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    I think her disability in mental.
  • SpartacusSpartacus Member Posts: 14,415
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    quote:I have a wheelchair, I dont use it all the time so does that make me a disability fake?

    hay Dave, when you or the mrs is in a wheelchair do you take the elevator or try the escalator??
    only an a-hole who is not familiar with a wheelchair or scooter (ie only uses it a very limited time, to justify their "disability") would be stupid enough to get on an escalator!
    of course, she could be mentally deficient as well, as previously mentioned.

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    well the first one is more like what the media would show for sympathy effect, or lawsuit

    the second is not out of context which makes it funny looking at it that way, she's not the brightest bulb riding a scooter, she is very lucky someone turned it off, that could have kept on going forever
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