Big Day at the Gun Auction

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We went to a big gun auction today. Most everything went pretty resonable, no great deals, things brought what they ought to, less $25 - $50, and no sales tax. So people were buying what they wanted, not to resell. The only thing I thought went too high were a couple 30-40 Krag Springfields that fetched $700 and $600 and neither were in that good of condition. I know a guy who sells real nice Krags and '03 Springfields at the gun shows around here, and you could have gotten a much nicer one from him for $600.
Where people got crazy was on ammo. I usually count on getting ammo cheap at the end of the auction, but these guys were bidding it up like crazy. They could have gone to Walmart and bought ammo cheaper.
Anyway, the seller had a bunch of NIB Vaqueros, new model and old, and half a dozen or more New Model Blackhawks. Most went for about $100 under retail. I grabbed a stainless N.M. Vaquero 45 Colt and an regular Vaquero, blue and case color 44 Magnum.
There was a neat manlicher style carbine, billed as an Arisaka- Mexican 38 in 7x57. Well it was obviously a 98 Mauser action with a sporter barrel and a real nice mannlicher stock. It was a pretty well done conversion, drilled for scope mounts but no iron sights (darn). Got him for $150. I don't think most people knew what it was. Would love to work out some iron sights for it, gold bead front and whatever.
Anyway, my favorite way to spend the day, had a blast.
Oh, almost forgot, also scored a later model Winchester 94, 30-30, serial number in the 4,000,000's, but a good shooter.


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    sounds like fun[8D]
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    quote:Oh, almost forgot, also scored a later model Winchester 94, 30-30

    You almost forgot buying a Model 94 Winchester [?] [:0] [:D]

    If you can't feel the music; it's only pink noise!

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    quote:Originally posted by 44caliberkid
    Blah. Blah. Blah... Oh, almost forgot, also scored a later model Winchester 94, 30-30, serial number in the 4,000,000's, but a good shooter.

    I realize it doesn't have the same cachet as a pristine '73 or something. But it almost read like...

    "...Blah. Blehblah. Blablablah... Oh, I almost forgot. You know Halle Berry?
    I've been tappin' that all week."


    It's like reverse bragging.
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    if you went to my wal mart you would have lost because they haven't had much for a long time[:(]
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    It depends on your Walmart, where you are in the country. I've visited Wally's in Iowa and Nebraska that are fully stocked. And I was just there this week. Prices have gone up a little on new stock.
    Keep looking every store you see. I made a big score at a Super K Mart in a hoity toity section of a city. Apparently those yuppies don't buy ammo or don't know it's there. Got a bunch of Winchester white box 30-30 for less than $11 a box (like 10.49 maybe) Also got Winchester 30-06 for $13. It took them 15 minutes to find someone with a key to the ammo.
    "How many do you want?"
    "All of them."
    I don't know what he thought, he didn't act like he cared, but I left with 7 or 8 boxes of each.
    Keep checking small stores, hardware stores that sell ammunition. You can find some at pre-election prices here and there.
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