Dept. Store Santa & helpers

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[:(!][:(!][:(!] P.C. Profiling if you ask me[:(!][:(!][:(!]
What makes this funny, most that I know that have wealth well over the 7-8 digit range dress like average or even less.


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    Same here.
    Almost every millionaire I have ever met looked like average middle class folk. The richest man I know drives a Maybach, has an airstrip in his backyard, and goes to McDonalds every morning for coffee. A relative of mine has a few million in the bank and gets all of his clothes from thrift stores. Of course he grew up during the Depression.
    In my line of work I see all types of people, and the ones who act like bigshots are usually the most in debt.
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    Many years ago my dad was playing Santa at a company party and kid came up and kicked my dad in the shin and said dam you Santa you didn't bring me what I wanted lastyear.[:D][^]
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    And all this in one of the wealthier cities in Michigan. Besides who can accurately prejudge just by looking at someone.
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