It's over.

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Hurt me WAY more than it hurt him! It's over; God Bless that little dude.

<maybe a tear or two>

It was the right thing.
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    I started dating my wife when she was in her first year of college. I have been with her through the 5 years it took to get her BA, the 3 years it took for her MA, and the 9 years it took for her to earn her Ph.D. (the last 4 was her getting a runaround from the department on her dissertation). It's stressful and difficult to have a spouse who is a student.

    That's why I was not happy when she announced 4 years ago that she had decided to go to law school. It's been brutal on both of us (worse for her).

    Today was the last of 3 days taking the Bar exam. Assuming she passed (I am confident but my fingers are crossed) she is done.

    We've been together for 23 years. Add up the years in school. Yup, 21. We have had exactly 2 years when we were both free. Now, during a good part of that time I was also a student, but she has almost made a career of it.

    I told her she cannot go to school anymore until after I am dead.
    Too old to live...too young to die...
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    After getting a Ph.D, the J.D. is just showing off. At some point you have to use the education before retiring.

    Just kidding... congratulations to your wife.
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    It's time you two settled down and started a family.....
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    Congratulations, not only to her, but to you as well. Sure hope you guys can survive the strain of a normal relationship!

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    Yet another source for free legal advice. Congrats on the finishing.
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    An education is something that no one can ever take away from you.
    Congratulations to both of you.

    I went to night school, after working 8 hours a day, to get a college degree. I know how hard it is.

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    Congratulations to her. At least she didn't waste 5 or six years on an engineering degree.
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    21 tears of school, and you two are still hanging together!?! Careful on those dates![}:)]
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    All right! Way to go! God bless you both! Hang in there! Job Well done! Fantastic accomplishment!

    We LOVE free legal help on GB.....
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    Great, now she can support you in your old age right.....[:D]

    Congrats to you both....My wife worked to help put me though Grad School 26 years ago. I helped her finish her Masters a couple years ago. Marriage is a partnership for sure.
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    Hope she doesn't weigh the values/drawbacks of the last sentence in your post. Joe
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    Congrats to the wife ! The world needed another lawyer!
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    Congrats to your wife. My sister graduated law school in May '07. Took the Washington State Bar in July'07 and Montana State bar in Feb. of this year. She passed both the first time.

    Congrats again to your wife! It's not an easy gig.
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    I guess this means she is smarter than you?

    Kentucky born and raised!
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    You better keep her. It's not a good idea to divorce a lawyer.[:)]
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    Congratulations to the both of you. Don
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    Regarding the family suggestion, we have dogs.

    She's much smarter than I am. School was hard for me and I struggled every step of the way. The fact that I succeeded at all is more of a testament to my refusal to quit than to any measure of intelligence. She likes being a student. She taught history at a university for 7 years and hated it. Being a lawyer is her career change. I sincerely hope it makes her happy.

    Yes, I am hoping she makes enough to support me in the lifestyle to which I would like to become accustomed.

    Thanks for the good wishes. I will pass them on.
    Too old to live...too young to die...
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    Now that her student college career is over, have a retirement party.
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    quote:Originally posted by carrie2
    I guess this means she is smarter than you?


    Heck, she's probably smarter than the entire board combined, what with some adding to the general knowledge and some taking away.

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    quote:Originally posted by Doc
    I told her she cannot go to school anymore until after I am dead.

    I told Sandy that one time and it cost me 3 more years of tuition.

    Congratulations to her! I hope the two of you get to spend some quality time together now. Both of you have earned it![;)]
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    You go girl!

    Thanks for sharing the happy news.


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    Congrats! But what if she decides that being a lawyer just isn't her cup of tea? Will you let her go back to become a MD?
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    Congratulations to the wife. [:)]
    Ain't you some sort of doctor too?
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    Has the term "Post Doctorate" ever been mentioned?!
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    quote:It's over

    We've only just begun...
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    Time to get a job, and start paying on those "STUDENT-LOANS"!![B)][:0]
    That musta cost a freekin FORTUNE!!
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    Best wishes.

    A friend of mine did exactly the same thing ...
    put his wifey through 20+ years of school ... at
    the end of it all she made 3X his salary!

    ... then within 6 Mos. she had divorced and married
    a guy she had just met!

    ... never even said "Thank you, Jeff!"
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