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One thing we can learn from the black community is the ability to defuse words.
While most seem to get all thermal about the casual use of the dreaded "N" word in the black community I am one of those who sees it as a very effective way to take the fangs out of it. In our pop culture it has gone from a noise made by some inbred Klansman to a term of endearment!
If WHITE folk could LEARN this...we could go about defusing terms like RACIST...NAZI...BIGGOT with great effect! Once defused, we would no longer be paralized by these terms when they are used to shut down any debate on issues such as crime, immigration and war.
I am TIRED of seeing "The other side" "win" such arguments SIMPLY by tossing the grenades that these words have become.
JUST ONCE...I would love to see Jessie....Cynthia....and the like try using one (or all) of these hot poker words only to be met by giggling and eye rolling.


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