KRINKOV m92 build underway!

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well im not tryin to be a capt.obvious, but i order the first parts for a AK build i have been thinking about for sometime,.on the way is:

complete barrel assembly 7.62x39mm(barrel,.brake,.90 deg. front sight/gas chamber,. rear sight block w/ leaf sight)

upper(w/gas tube) and lower handguards

3pc. blonde krinkov stock set(upper an lower handguard,.pistol grip)

notice a redundancy of parts?,.. meee toooo,..well i just went over 500 posts,..guess there is a prime opertunity for a give away soon.

next month ill try and get my mitts on the gas piston,. bolt carrier/bolt

this is gonna be a slow build because of monthly monetary limitations(still active army till aug),..but this something i look forward to doing

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