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Going to Ireland? Don't Say This Word

If you're traveling to Northern Ireland this summer, watch your mouth! The word "brainstorming" has been banned, at least for anyone in the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment in Belfast. It's been deemed politically incorrect because this common business buzzword may offend people with brain disorders and brain injuries, reports the British newspaper, The Observer. The term "thought-showers" will instead be used.

The decision is being widely ridiculed. "You do sometimes wonder if some people haven't got anything better to do with their time," John Wild, spokesman for the Campaign for Plain English, told Observer reporter Henry McDonald. "Do they just sit down and search out enough words until eventually they can say: 'I can make that out to be politically incorrect?'"

Last year, the Welsh Development Agency, which promotes business in Wales, banned its staff from using "brainstorming." Also on the banned list were "nit-picking" and "manila" because of their slave trade origins.




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