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This time south of me.

quote:North Douglas County firefighters on Friday evening were fighting a wildfire along Interstate 5, about 11 miles south of Cottage Grove.

The fires were reported about 7 p.m. along I-5 near Bear Creek Road in the unincorporated community of Curtin. The fire may have been started by a vehicle traveling north on I-5, according to a dispatcher with North Douglas County Fire & EMS.

Oregon Trip Check showed a wildfire between mileposts 164 and 170, and motorists could expect a delay of about 20 minutes.


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    I still think that the Liberal Commies are doing it.[:(!]

    They said that they would.
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    I went by there headed south shortly after it started. There were 4 or 5 fires which made me think of a vehicle traveling north with something dragging the pavement or running on a flat with hot rubber flying off. There was only one fire truck on site and he was on the first fire going north from Curtin. I saw more fire trucks headed north as I was going south.
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    quote:: Fire crews said Saturday morning that the two southern most fires merged together overnight and have burned about 85 acres.

    Several homes and outbuildings were threatened by the fires, but evacuations were lifted Saturday morning.

    Firefighters said they were able to get a containment line around these fires, stopping the spread.

    Crews have been able to get a handle on the four other fires, the largest of which is four acres in size.

    Firefighters said they will continue to monitor containment and mop up hot spots on the smaller fires Saturday.

    One lane of I-5 was closed Saturday morning but has reopened. Drivers are still being told to expect delays.
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