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Ya know, I keep seeing all of this stuff on TV about Darfur. Commercials, CNN, etc... It's nice to see they are drawing attention to the problem, but how do they suggest we end the violence? To politely ask the government to stop killing innocent people? Seems most people and organizations are advocating military action...

And most of them are pointing fingers at the "international community" as standing by and watching a genocide. Which would include the USA, since they are directing blame towards the UN - and to a lesser extent, NATO

The USA has already gotten involved in one war that wasn't its responsibility. For humanitarian reasons, oil, Bush Sr. influence, or for whatever reason you want to believe - it damn sure wasn't because saddam was planning an attack inside the USA - because he didn't have much capability or intentions to do so. And neither does the Sudanese government.

3,000 american troops have died in Iraq now, and this has pissed off quite a few people. If american troops are sent into Sudan, more american troops are going to die - and for a fight that has nothing to do with america.

This same issue was brought up when american troops were sent as part of NATO to Bosnia to stop the serbs from killing the albanians. Except then, if memory serves me correctly; less than 25 american soldiers died throughout the entire operation - and there were no other active wars going on at the time. Now, we have troops dying in Afghanistan, Iraq, and some moron wants us to send more troops to another location.

Again, a similar instance would be the Rwanda genocide. So nobody stepped in and "stopped" it? Well tell me, if troops from the Sudanese government, and the rebel forces, are so primitive that they can't kill american soldiers, why were about 20 special forces soldiers killed Somalia by poorly trained, ill equipped africans?

If nancy retard pelosi thinks america has the resources and military manpower to "keep peace" in every country in the world, she's going to have awhole lot more people to deal with than american gun owners.


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    Your talking in circles.

    I don't think it's America's responsibility to work within the International community to prevent mass genocide. Now that also includes France, Great Britain, and our European friends.

    The Untied Nations was also created to prevent such things. Unfortunately, the UN is a failure and an incompetent joke. While Iraq and Afghanistan is keeping the DoD busy, I would find it interesting to know what the State Department is doing about Sudan. I do support the State Department doing whatever it can to build a coalition to bring peace to Sudan and the Darfur region.

    As far as Nancy Pelosi goes, I hope she minds her own business. Creating foreign policy is not the business of the House.
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