PURCHASE DENIED UPDATE 2/27/06, 6/27/06, 10/31/06

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10-31-2006 Just got the O'k to go and pick it up, I have a certificate to bring with and a UPIN number so I never have to go thru it again. Looks like a trip to Gander Mtn. this weekend is in order.

09-06-2006 Still waiting with no word and this started in March.

06-27-2006 I just got the letter stating that they recieved my print card and will be reviewing it, please be patient.

Details tomorrow It seems that because I have one of the 4 most common names in the world, I was denied due to some of the identifiers matching. I was told that I am a good candidate for the appeal process and to set up a pin number so this never happens again. I can either appeal this time and bring the letter to pick it up or I can apply for the pin number and they (ATF) keep an open file on me and it should never happen again. AN OPEN FILE?????? thats what I said, the person on the instant check line advised that I do just that because of my part time profession. I'm thinking about dropping the purchase and going for a refund as this is kinda embarrassing for those of you who know what I do as a part timer. I was told by Gander mountian that they would hold it until I was cleared and they apologized profussly. In a quandry for now and thats all the information I have.


Faxed the appeal form this morning and they say 5 days.

Any thoughts , pro's con's I bought it used at Gander Mountain over the weekend just like pictured here http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=44125361 for $225.00 otd Thinking about a wood stock, and yep it came with the scope.



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    Sad a cop with a record[:0], Well sorta, kidding you.

    On NCIC nothing on me shows up.

    But everytime I do a transfer a old "Open Container" dismissed warrrant shows up on the federal level.

    Have to jump through the hoops and submit a copy of the courts dismissal.

    I feel your hassle too.
    What a pain in the kazoo.
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    The sadest part is I don't even remember what the damn rifle looks like.

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    ??? Man, a NICS for you? THAT bites! Here, just my CHL allows me to walk out with any gun...handgun, whatever...no waitie...[;)]

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    Took 4 months to get a upin number? My app is in as well, but I guess I have two more months to go. Time to save some $$[^].
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    When Colorado went to its "Instant Check" system, the Chief of Police of Denver was put on hold for 9 days. Now, I'm just asking- I hold a military security clearance, clearance for access to nuke facilities, a Fed explosives license (employee possessor) an 03 FFL, and a concealed weapons license. Now, just what is it that they want to check ????? And when I have a short notice travel requirement, I just LOVE the supplemental security searches. I mean, I feel SOOOOOOO much safer. [;)]
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