New VA boss

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I just caught a blurb today but I think LtGen(ret) Peek(sp) has been appointed new head of VA. If so, this is my ex's old boss when he was at Ft Sam. I have emailed her but haven't heard back yet.
This man should make a TREMENDOUS improvement in the VA system unless Washington gets to him and drags him down like it did to John Glenn and Randy Cunningham, et al. Too bad Glenn is not in prison next to Cunningham. I digress.

We need real soldiers in charge of any and all military programs because they have been there and done that and have seen what career politicos do.

Unfortunately, he will probably be replaced when Bush is gone unless Fred Thompson gets elected. Tom


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    Lt Gen James Peake I honestly think will be what the VA needs to get them back in line. It should be run by a retired military physician who knows what is needed medically, emotionally and financially to get these wounded warriors back into the mainstream of society.
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