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I'm here in Minot. Waiting for housing and no room at the Inn on base, so I'm staying at the International Inn. I got four days to entertain myself, don't have to be to work until Wednesday. Anyone know what there is to do in this town?


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    Your doing it.....
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    Posting on GB? I was afraid that's all there was to do here.
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    Whoa...Minot. Been some time since I have passed through there.

    You are in PRIME gopher hunting territory. Good fishing as well.

    Is the wind blowing? LOL!

    Wait....winter REALLY sucks in Minot.
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    He talked my ear off all night...and all I wanted to do was watch movies.
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    take an english course at the local college.
    ...its 'greetings,' not, greating. [8]
    greating isnt even a word! duh! [:I]
    you flyboys are all the same.[:p][:D]
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    First of all, thank you for your service to our country!

    Spring and Summer----Good fishing, gopher hunting and thunderstorms.

    Great pheasant, duck and goose hunting. Also good whitetail deer hunting.

    Snowmobiling, Internet surfing and reloading ammo for Spring/Summer/Fall.

    Being from Northern Wisconsin, you know what the winter weather can be like, although it is more windy (blizzards) in N. Dakota.

    If it would interest you, a tour of Fort Abraham Lincoln near Bismarck was really interesting to me. This is the Calvary fort from which General Custer travel to his demise at the Little Big Horn. Further west of Bismarck is Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park at Medora. (Lots of wildlife)
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    i know how you feel i moved to the southern part on north dakota 2 1/2 years ago and i'm still looking for something to do here. i did find the gofher hunting fun but i dont know any farmers around here so i just go when the guys at work go. the fishing is good. other then that find a shooting range and have fun..i have to drive about a hour to hour and fifteen mins to the shooting range so i only go about once a month. i hope for your sanity there is more to do up north.
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    The magic city - have fun. Get out and explore ND a bit. Both units of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park are gorgeous, and you can probably find a pow-wow somewhere nearby this summer.
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    I am only two hours away from you. I would suggest a drive from Minot to Washburn. Visit the Lewis and Clark Interpretative center. Then Highway 200 across and to Killdeer. If you have time visit Medicine Hole historic site. Eat at the Buckskin Bar and Grill. If Eric is working say howdy from Watford City for me. Then I suggest drive north on Highway 22 and get to the badlands about two hours before sundown. You will be surprised. Now when you continue north watch out for cows horses or even buffalo on the road until you get past New Town and off the reservation. Now there is really good fishing in the big lake.

    The north unit of the Theodore Roosevelt Park south of Watford City is a great place to camp out or go for a hike. Confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers has two historic forts -- Fort Union and Fort Buford. There is also the Confluence Interpretive Center near by.

    You are a "short" distance from Regina Sasketchewan. Great food.

    The INternational Peace Gardens are north of Minot.

    Zerodin has a good idea to attend at least one pow wow.

    Basically get a good pair of hiking boots and have a great summer. Remember to bring the fishing pole.

    If you want to hook up sometime let me know. I can point out a few prairie dog towns that need to be shot on. I am rusty as I have been playing rancher and farmer and not long range sniper lately.

    If you really get bore, let me know, we will put you to work.[;)]

    How long are you going to be in Minot and what "job" do you have at the base?

    Plains Scout
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    I'm here for at lest 4 years, I'm a crew dog on the 52. I'm thinking about doing some exploring tomorrow.
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    The drive I suggested to Washburn and around would be a great way to spend a day.
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    Do exactly as Plains said....you won't be sorry.

    Just a little too far east of my old stomping grounds (Montana)....US 2!!!
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    I like the idea of prarie dog shooting, but all of my fire arms are in WI still.
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