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Need Help: Info on Home Kits

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My family and I find ourselves in a situation where we need to build a house cheaply and quickly. We bought a parcel of land a couple of months ago with the plan to build over the winter months - my job situation was allowing me to free up 6 months of time off, so no problem. Well, the job situation has changed and I am looking at closer to two months. The problem is, we need to have a house built, starting in November, and ending sometime January.

I was going to build a handcrafted log post and beam home, but that is now out. We need to find a good cheap kit/panel home that is log or log sided around 1200 square feet, and that I can build for around 75K (including basement). Does anyone have any good reccomendations? I will have one full-time helper and one part-time (the part-time is a retired contractor, and the full time is an experienced plumber/electrician). I will be contracting out, at least, the basement.

I am in a serious time crunch here and need help with any possible leads. Thanks guys.

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    Take a look at Formost Modular homes. I'm not sure if they offer log siding, but they make a nice home.


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