Pshh...I still got it! Heh..got away w/a warning!

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Yep....I'm still a "babe" I guess.

I got pulled over for going 53 in a 35 and he let me go with a warning!

Its so funny to get pulled over with a 13 year old boy in the passenger seat. "YOUR BUSTED!" is all he could think to yell out. I look over at him and asked "for what?" and he starts looking all around like he was going to see EXACTLY what I was in trouble for. Then he blurts out "busted tail light!" I hoped not...but I didn't know???

I was going along with traffic and had no idea what the deal was for real....he had turned left with me at a red light and just suddenly turned his lights on.

I'm so glad he gave me a warning, but one thing I noticed is he was YOUNG!!! That officer looked like he should be out asking if he could mow people's lawns for $20. It CAN'T be that I'm getting older!
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